Hot Stones Massage has many wonderful health benefits, whilst being deeply relaxing, a natural way to warm and calm your muscles, inducing relaxation and tranquillity for mind and body from head to toe.

To book simply call or text Anna Angel on 07810 006274.

Hot stones back, neck and

shoulder massage

40mins - £30

Hot stones Full body massage

70mins - £40

Hot Stones Reflexology

70mins - £40

A wonderfully relaxing, warming and deeply therapeutic massage on the back, neck and shoulders, easing those built up tensions and encouraging deep relaxation.

A deeply therapeutic and warming experience, with the use of warm basalt stones and oil to relieve deep muscle tension and soothe aches and pains, helping you to unwind, leaving your body feeling rejuvenated.

Smooth Basalt Hot Stones used in this Reflexology Treatment enhances the relaxation and benefits of the therapy. Relaxing the muscles allowing for the body and mind to reach a tranquil and calming state.  

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