Holistic Reflexology Treatments have many wonderful benefits for your mind and body, incredibly relaxing, leaving with you both a calming and rejuvenating effect of well-being long after the treatment.

To book simply call or text Anna Angel on 07810 006274.

Feet Reflexology

55mins - £30

Hand Reflexology

40mins - £25

Reflexology for Fertility issues

55mins - £30

Reflexology for Pregnancy

55mins - £30

Fantastic for inducing a sense of well-being and deep relaxation, aiding sleep, lowering stress levels and relieving unwanted tension. Compression techniques applied by a skilled reflexologist help to balance and stimulate the body, enabling a state of harmony.

A very soothing and relaxing treatment, working in the same way as feet reflexology, bringing about a state of balance and harmony in the body. May also be very beneficial for stiffness or joint pain in the hands.

Reflexology for Fertility issues, is a non-invasive, drug free therapy that aids in balancing your body's systems in order to aim for improved function. Reflexology is also great for relaxation and reducing stress on the mind and body.

Reflexology may be very beneficial in helping with many common symptoms during pregnancy, supporting you to feel more comfortable. It may help to relax mind and body, counteracting stress and aiding sleep. Treatments are available from 12 weeks until term. 

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